Next generation of support and maintenance

At DhairyaTech, we give you the control key after rolling out your application. However, many customers have also asked DhairyaTech for support services after the application has been deployed. Seeing this, we focused on providing support and maintenance services for the applications even after they were deployed.

As the user base grows over time, server migration, low latency, and a number of other factors come into play. These factors directly affect the performance of your application business. Our experienced team members are there to help you with that.

Types of App Support and Maintenance

Applications compete in a tough market. After you deploy an app, increasing the user base isn't the only challenge you'll face. There is much more. Our support and maintenance cover these aspects. These are

Migrating data from one server to another

Using technologies that support concurrency for a large number of users

Optimizing server performance for low latency

Changes due to regulatory issues

Small, incremental and major improvements such as user interface redesign, etc

Within our portfolio of application support and maintenance services, our goal was relatively simple: to remain profitable. Our large team of technology experts specialize in providing exceptional support and maintenance for applications across all operating system platforms and devices.

So far we have carried out large-scale maintenance and server migration for a number of applications. We have an active team of AWS experts who not only work out the configuration to host your application, but also review and fix issues if something goes wrong.

Why hire DhairyaTech as your support and maintenance partner?

We have been working and building applications for 5 years. We have worked on more than 21 projects and have extensive experience in a wide range of applications. From our experience we know that every application can be different and can bring a multitude of unseen challenges to the surface. Bring aspects of international laws, corporate governance, currency trading, etc., and it becomes difficult to meet business goals for your app.

We have helped a large number of customers with these challenges from time to time. You can certainly rely on our consolidated experience and choose DhairyaTech as your support and maintenance partner.