We build powerful software solutions with innovative and dedicated overseas teams!

DhairyaTech, founded in 2019, is a leading IT consulting firm known for its innovative and powerful digital solutions. We help you turn your business into a profitable business using the unparalleled experience of our highly skilled product development team. Our large team of qualified experts in Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and more. help you expand your mobile and web app development customer base.


We aim to transform our customers' digital experiences into innovative, functional, user-centric and efficient engineering solutions. DhairyaTech quickly recognizes and adapts to the changing digital landscape, allowing customers to increase their presence in the marketplace.



We envision becoming a global leader in the outsourcing and manufacturing of technology solutions. Our attention to detail, quality assurance and careful selection of talent will help companies grow into profitable assets.


Core values are the foundation for the working spirit of DhairyaTech



Responsibility and authenticity in what we do create credibility, and we uphold it.


We maintain complete transparency in our operations at all levels and ensure that our customers are fully informed about our processes.
Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

We guarantee exceptional quality in all of our services and guarantee the delivery of technical audio products.
Value For People

Value for people

We promote growth and promote life by providing a work environment conducive to continuous learning.


We pursue our clients by being consistent and committed to delivering results.

Building top-class teams and infrastructure

DhairyaTech strives to bring premium infrastructure and top talent to create innovative solutions. We have the bandwidth of over 25+ employees who help build a strong in-house development team with their experience.

We not only provide the infrastructure, but also ensure that the resources we hire are culturally appropriate, our team is time zone-appropriate, and have excellent communication skills to lead meetings. communicate effectively.

team & infrastructure

Who we are, how to contact us and the partnership

The curiosity of creative IT staff who want to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs and businesses by making the skills and resources available to develop customized and reliable software solutions. It is a vigorous team.

Our management team consists of experienced and trained executives in the IT industry. A career at.

DhairyaTech offers a variety of opportunities and learning experiences without compromising work-life balance. The partnership with DhairyaTech guarantees mutual growth and effective digital transformation of both parties and customers.

Management Team